Cuisinart DFP-3 Handy Prep 3-Cup Food Processor Review

If you’re looking to add a fast food processor to your home, that knocks out smaller and quicker tasks with a great amount of power and dependability, the Cuisinart DFP-3 Hand Prep is the perfect choice for you. In my time owning this food processor, I’ve been pleasantly surprised by what this unit is capable of for how small it is. It’s a solid, and heavy enough mini food processor, with a very capable motor, which makes it efficient at tackling almost any task in mostly average portions. It comes with three different blade options which allow it to be used for many different purposes as well, so just because it’s small doesn’t mean that the options of what you can do with it are limited too. Here’s a rundown of some of the features of the Cuisinart DFP-3 Handy prep, and why I do like this mini food processor. I’ll include a couple of drawbacks about this product too, although for the most part I haven’t found many.


The three cup bowl, as indicated in the title, isn’t very big. It is a mini food processor, so keep that in mind when purchasing this one. I’ve actually seen some people complain on line that it’s not big enough, but the point of these really is that they aren’t supposed to be, so don’t be tricked by those people. If you want to chop an onion, slice a good sized potato, and still have some room to add other stuff, you’re definitely able to. I use this food processor a lot for dressings, sauces, pestos, and the dicing of ingredients for bigger recipes, and it’s always handled the jobs I need it for.

Feeding Tube

The feeding tube on this mini food processor matches the general size of the rest of it. You’re not going to be able to shove a whole pepper in it or anything, but if you want to make a quick salsa, by giving some jalapeno, onion, pepper, and tomato a really brief thick chop, and tossing it all in to chop together, you’ve got a great fast and fresh salsa. A thick chop is necessary for most food processors anyway, so you’re not losing tons of functionality or anything, but just be prepared, that as it’s a small unit, so is the feeding tube.


One of the things I love the most about this mini food processor, is that just because it’s a small unit, doesn’t mean that it’s limited in functionality. Quite the contrary, actually. There’s actually three separate accessory blades that come with the 3 Cup Handy Prep to accommodate the multitude of jobs you’ll want to use it for. All of the blades are stainless steel so they’re actually really impressive. They can really stand up to some thorough usage in a lot of ways. The basic blade is a chopping blade, but there’s also a blade for slicing and shredding. The last two are disc blades, and if you’ve never used blades like them in the past, they can be a little tough to get the hang of, but once you have it all figured out, you can slice potatoes, carrots, citrus fruits and more, in a really simple way. The shredding disc is also really good for coleslaw, but once again, takes a little getting used to, in terms of feeding the food product into the tube, and getting the blade to do exactly what you want it to. With three separate blades you’re like to find that you can really use this processor for anything you’re up to making in the kitchen.


Another one of my favorite things about this mini food processor is the great warranty that Cuisinart provides for it. I know that Cuisinart is known to have one of the best warranty options of any countertop appliance brand, and it definitely shows with their product. There is a full five year warranty on the motor. So if the motor loses power or dies in five years, they’ll replace my food processor, and there’s a limited three year warranty on the rest of the unit. I know that my food processor is heavy duty, and going to last, and am comforted by the fact that if anything should happen, the Handy Prep is backed up by a smart warranty.


I don’t have any exact specifications on the motor of this guy, but I can tell you, it really is powerful. For how small it is, it’s got a solid weight to it, so it stays in place, and is relatively quiet, and I’ve never felt like it’s struggled with doughs or other recipes I try to make with it. The power behind it is really great for the price, and especially for how small the size is.

What Else Are They Saying?

I say, and almost every online outlet agrees, that the Cuisinart DFP-3 Three Cup Handy Prep is a hard worker that will be a lasting addition to your kitchen. It’s something you can easily find yourself using on a daily basis, for cooking, baking, slicing, sauces, dips, salsas, and more. It’s also great for making small batches of home made baby food.

Be sure to do your homework and look around, but this is a truly solid buy for the price of this little machine. The only complaints I have with it, are that the plastic can stain if you cut something really colorful in it and don’t clean it right away, but that’s really just an aesthetic problem. If you want a smaller processor, because you’re not going to be using it for big batches of food or parties, and you just need something for smaller family, or two person meals. Even for one person meals, it’s efficient enough to be worth bringing out, and I really stand behind this one.

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