Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic 7-Cup Food Processor Review

The Cuisinart Pro Classic 7-Cup food processor is truly the definition of a little workhorse. Helpful for numerous tasks around your kitchen, this food processor slices, chops, and dices, in fast time. Easy clean up and great power and versatility can often help you become the chef you might not’ve known you were. The work bowl is not too big, but not too small, and is most often perfect for when you get into cooking for two people. The more you decide to use it, often the more handy you get with it, and also the more ways you can figure out how to use it for more recipes. In today’s fast paced world, we could all use some extra minutes, and if it helps you save time and eat healthier, you’re winning all around with adding a food processor like this one to your home.


One of the biggest complaints that people seem to continually have with food processors, is that the unit is too small. There’s a mini food processor group, and there’s also versions that are double the size of this one if not larger. Know what you’re getting into and if you want to split the difference and get something right down the middle, this unit and it’s seven cup work bowl is completely adequate. Sometime when you’re cooking, measure how much sauce you make, or how much soup you make in a measuring cup after you’re done cooking it, so you can guess and hypothesize how much you might expect to need in terms of space. If you’re moving into your first home and don’t have a ton of space or a ton of people to cook for, this unit will add function, without being too expensive or taking up all of your counter space.

Feeding Tube

The extra large feeding tube that this food processor came with is maybe one of my favorite parts about it. The worst thing when you’re using a food processor is to have to cut something up so that a machine can cut it up. It doesn’t really make much sense, and it’s almost just adding another step to cook it that way. So the less pieces you have to cut something up into before you add it to your food processor the better. This unit can take apple halves, onion halves, and the picture demonstrates that you can fit two relatively good sized cucumbers side by side in the feeding tube to slice them both at once. I tried it, by the way, and it handles it easily.


Four blades in my mind is always a really good number of blades. Any more than that and you’re paying for unnecessary excess, and any fewer, you might not be able to test out a recipe that you didn’t know you wanted to until you got your food processor. You get a steel blade, which is just a multipurpose mixing blade for sauces, soups, and purees. That’s the standard blade that you’ll probably use most. There’s also a slicing disc which is perfect for slicing vegetables for salads, or for vegetable plates. You can also use it to make thick cut home potatoes too. The shredding disc can be used for cole slaw, hash browns, and corned beef hash if you like that as well. The dough blade is a great addition too, and I’ve made cookies and bread with food processor now, and am exploring other ways to use it too. Because dough needs so much working, you can actually heat the center post so much that the blade stays on, while you’re mixing it, and the dough blade can jam on the post if you mix it for too high, or too long, so just a heads up on that note.


Often people find it a pleasant surprise to find out that there is a full motor five year warranty and three year limited warranty on the entire unit. I haven’t had to make use of it yet, even after discovering the quirk about the dough blade, as I was able to finally pop the blade off, and everything was in fine working order. Still, half a decade guarantee from a major corporation these days is a pretty good deal to be able to take to the bank with you, especially if you’re worried about having to spend the money over again at some point in the future. Cuisinart tries their best to guarantee you, that you really won’t have to do that.


The motor itself seems a-ok to me. I’ve never had any problems with it not being able to handle what I put in it. Frankly, with a seven cup bowl, there’s not too much intensity that your blade is going to have to go through, with the amount that you’re going to be adding to it, so honestly it shouldn’t be a problem regardless.

What Else Are They Saying?

All in all the consensus echoes how I’ve felt about most Cuisinart products whenever I bring them into my home. The DLC-10S Pro Classic by Cuisinart is really great, and it gets the job done. This unit is pretty easy on the eyes, so much so that I’ve left it out on my counter before, which is something I don’t do very often. It saves you time in the kitchen, and helps you eat better on a daily basis, and as far as I’m concerned, just those points make it worth it’s weight in gold. If you’ve got more than two people that you are cooking for on a regular basis, then you may want to consider going up a size, but the seven cup bowl should be sufficient for most couples. Be careful with the dough blade, or honestly, just use the metal mixing blade instead of the dough blade to mix your dough and avoid that problem completely, and you should be set to chef!

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