Cuisinart DLC-2011CHB Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup Food Processor Review

If you’re looking for a high performance addition to your kitchen, the Cuisinart Prep 11 DLC-2011CHB 11 cup food processor is a sleek addition to any home, and provides a huge dose of kitchen function to your daily life. I’ve had a great experience with my Cuisinart products always, and I’m here to tell you a little more about this one. On the higher end of the Cuisinart gamut of food processors, this kitchen appliance makes set up, preparation, and clean up a breeze, while accommodating most, if not all, types of food preparation. Outfitted with a myriad of functional aspects, this food processor is a smart purchase for your kitchen. I’ve found that this food processor has a long list of options, and contributes a healthy amount of functionality to my home. Read along and see why the Cuisinart Prep 11 might also be a smart choice for you.


As the name indicates, this food processor has an 11 cup Lexan work bowl, which is along the higher capacities of most available options. This model provides you with plenty of extra works space in your device to take care of either small mixing and chopping jobs, or bigger soup, sauce, or dough recipes. This processor also has a specific PowerPrep metal dough blade and dough setting, so pizza dough, cookie dough, breads and more are a breeze, more than ever before, with the sizable bowl.

Feeding Tube

More great functionality is provided by this food processor with a one-piece Supreme wide mouth feed tube which holds whole fruits and vegetables, for slicing and chopping. This makes your preparation process even more efficient, by allowing you to cut the pieces you introduce to the food processor into larger pieces, reducing your workload. In most cases, chopping isn’t even necessary with the wide mouth feed tube. One of the few noted cons of this food processor, is that with the wide mouth tube, the food pusher needs to be pushed down at least halfway for the blade to fully engage, which some users find a bit inconvenient. However, for most consumers, knowing that it’s there for user safety quells most concerns about this. The unique feeding tube of this piece distinguishes it from many other food processors, and adds a great dose of ease to your preparation process.


This Cuisinart model comes with a 4 millimeter stainless steel medium slicing disc, for average slicing, as well as a stainless steel shredding disc, for shredding lettuce, vegetables, and more. More blades include a basic chopping or mixing blade, and a metal dough blade. With a variety of blades in this model, you’re sure to have the exact tools you need for whatever job you’re using this piece for. The disc stem is also detachable, along with all of the blades, which makes cleaning extremely fast and easy. Also, each removable piece is dishwasher safe, making cleanup even more of a snap. The spatula that comes with this food processor makes removal of all of your bowl contest extremely easy as well.

This model also comes with both an instruction manual, a recipe booklet, and a “How To” DVD to ensure that you get the most out of your new food processor. Often times, food processors can come off as intimidating pieces of kitchen equipment, with so many buttons and moving parts, but Cuisinart makes sure that you won’t be overwhelmed by your new purchase, by providing you with plentiful materials to teach you how to make this piece a daily addition to your cooking routines.


This food processor is backed by one of the best warranties in the business. Featuring a ten year warranty on the motor of this food processor, and a three year warranty on the individual parts, including blades, you can buy into this kitchen appliance with confidence, knowing that if anything goes wrong, your machine is backed by a powerful warranty. Not only does this inspire confidence about the long term sustainability of this food processor, it also ensures that the food processor itself is well built and designed. The industry’s best long warranty like this one has says a lot about the value that Cuisinart puts in it’s own products, and should convince consumers how much they intend their products to last.


The Prep 11 also features the strongest motor of it’s class, and gives you the confidence that it’ll be up to any task you put to it. One of the noted cons of this food processor, is that the motor and size of the bowl does contribute to it being a fairly heavy piece of machinery, which can add strain to storage, if you intend to move it around at all, but for the most part, a solid weight can be expected with these types of kitchen appliances. The quality of the motor also contributes to this food processor actually being fairly quiet as well, which is a nice aspect of a motorized kitchen device, that can’t be said about most food processors in the same class as this one.

What Else Are They Saying?

There’s no denying, that on almost every single online outlet, consumers agree with what I’ve found to be true, which is that this model is an extremely beneficial choice for adding a food processor to your home. The vast majority of reviews have extremely positive things to say about the ease of use, smart design style, and multiple accessory options of this food processor. Efficiency is a primary aspect of this piece, and this model allows fast preparation, fast cleanup, and a great aesthetic addition to the kitchen in your home.

There’s no doubt that there are a lot of food processors available on the market today, and doing your homework and research is important. The Cuisinart DLC-2011CHB Prep 11 Plus 11-Cup food processor is a lasting kitchen choice for your home. With thorough accessory options, including multiple blade choices, a superior motor, and a sizable bowl, all backed by the industry’s best warranty, you’re making a smart choice with this fantastic Cuisinart food processor.

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