Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food Processor Review

Everyone could use someone to help them in the kitchen during most meal preparation. But if you can’t have someone, how about something? The Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus food processor is a the next best thing to having a working partner in the kitchen with you. This food processor falls into the mini category with a 3 cup capacity, but it packs a lot of punch into one small device. It’s also really well designed, and comes in a ton of different colors, so you can feel good about leaving it out on your counter, as it doesn’t take up much space, and looks modern and really fresh. I’ve also found that it’s extremely easy to clean, and has a lot of power behind it, which confirms that it’s definitely going to add to your efficiency in the kitchen, instead of becoming a chore to get out, set up, and clean up after, like some food processors can be.


Mini food processors, I’ve found, all range around the 3-5 cup range, and this one is obviously no exception. Three cups (or 24 ounces) is a perfect size for really only doing specific jobs, but don’t be confused, the work bowl for this unit is really functional. With a mini food processor like this, I don’t chop up big amounts of vegetables (well, sometimes I do, but really only one at a time). This mini processor is best used for things like chopping bread crumbs, grinding hard cheeses, chopping herbs, or making small doses of dressings, sauces, and salsas. Three cups won’t be enough to make any soups or doughs though for the most part, so keep that in mind. You’ll need a mixer or just a generally larger capacity food processor to tackle those jobs. That said, this bowl features a sleek handle so you can grab on to it, and transfer food once it’s chopped.

Feeding Tube

It would be hard to call it a tube, really, on this food processor. The mini really has what I would call a feeding “opening”. With this mini, I rarely add things in doses. Sometimes when I make pesto with my Mini-Prep Plus I will add olive oil through the opening in the top, or salt, etc. but for the most part, when you’re using this unit, you’ll be putting your ingredients into the bowl, and then activating it, not feeding vegetables in as you go, like you might process with bigger or more intense food processors. There is, however, a hole in the top where you can add liquids or oils to whatever it is that you’re processing.


The Mini Prep Plus comes with just the one blade, but you really won’t need anything more than that if you have reasonable purposes and expectations for your mini. The blade has two different directions, so it’s actually super functional for getting a really nice fine chop on whatever you use your Mini Prep Plus for. Using the blade in forward and reverse takes care of any food that is stubborn or tough to chop in the process. Often, people will have a stubborn chunk of onion, or bread crumb, and will keep pulsing in forward to try to get those one or two stubborn chunks. When you do this, you’re further chopping what’s already in your food processor, and making it finer than you might want to, just to get one piece to grind. With the Mini Prep Plus just a few pulse forward, and a few pulses backwards will chop anything have in it about 99 percent of the time. You get a great chop with this blade basically every time. And it’s dishwasher safe, so no matter what the job is, your blade is clean quickly and easily after your preparation.


I’ve been a fan of Cuisinart products for a long time (I have many in my home) and one of the reasons is that their warranty is usually better than similar products from other brands. There’s an 18 month warranty on the Mini Prep, so you can feel pretty good about using your Cuisinart without worrying about what happens if something breaks. This unit is solid and well built, and I haven’t had any problems with breakage. If you look online, most consumers agree, that there isn’t much of a need for the warranty in the first place, but having it as a backup is a nice addition.


The motor on this guy really puts in work for me. Similar choppers from different brands don’t have the same amount of power as the motor on this Cuisinart, so you can be assured that if you’re grinding nuts, or hard cheeses, or something else of a similar weight, you’re going to be able to mow through it, not just end up spinning your wheels for no reason.

What Else Are They Saying

In general, when it comes to mini food processors, you have to know what you’re buying. I looked online, and I see people giving this food processor a bad rating because it’s “not that big”. It does have the word “Mini” in the name. Mini food processors are super little tools, that are slick to clean up, and chop garlic, onions, nuts, herbs, they’re great for salad dressings, quick sauces, emulsions and more. Know that getting into it though, and don’t be surprised when you buy a three cup food processor that it only holds three cups. I have always been impressed with the efficiency that this little guy has added to any preparation process, and consumers online really do agree.

For preparing small quantities of food with lots of power and easy clean up, the Cuisinart DLC-2ABC Mini-Prep Plus has always done right by me, and I’m fairly certain that if you give it a shot, you’ll feel the same way.

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