Hamilton Beach 70610 500-Watt Food Processor Review

When you need a countertop food processor that simply gets the job done, the Hamilton Beach ChefPrep 500 Watt food processor can definitely do a lot to change the way you work in your kitchen. Tons of functionality, and extremely easy usage, makes this Hamilton Beach product is a great beginners choice for your first food processor in your home. This food processor can handle lots of job sizes, and multiple different types of food preparations as well. There are two speeds and 500 watts of power behind the motor, which makes it relatively heavy duty, and capable of really reducing the amount of time in the kitchen, chopping, dicing, slicing, and mixing food.

This food processor comes with two blades to accommodate whatever purpose you wish it to serve, and the food processor bowl and blades are all dish washer safe, which makes cleaning up after you’re done preparing food a breeze. One of my favorite aspects of this product is the cord storage. No ugly cord hanging out the back, since it has a compartment in the back for the cord to fold up inside of, so I feel comfortable leaving it out on my counter, which makes it easier to use on a day to day basis. Here are some of the other functions and aspects of the Hamilton Beach 70610 500-Watt food processor.


The 70610 features a 10 cup bowl which is really a perfect middle for most food processors. There are certainly both smaller and larger versions available on the market today, but the 10 cup bowl is a great size right in the middle. There’s enough room to basically handle any job I put to it, but it doesn’t feel like a big industrial size machine, and it’s actually fairly inconspicuous when you just have it sitting out on your counter. This food processor actually technically gets more bang for the buck when it comes to the size, because the center hole tower where the motor axle comes through the middle is taller than most food processors. This effectively allows you to fill the bowl higher than you would be able to with other food processors, and makes processing liquids easier without as much spillage. The bowl is also dishwasher safe, which is fairly common these days, but still a major plus, as it makes cleaning up after preparation super fast and easy. When you’re done just throw all the pieces in the dishwasher, give the base a quick wipe down, and you’re done. Easy as that.

Feeding Tube

The feeding tube on this food processor isn’t my favorite thing, but it’s not all bad either. It’s described as being large, but I find that it’s a bit thinner than most food processors. Not extremely so, but enough that you wouldn’t be able to chop a full cucumber up with it. I also find myself chopping vegetables before I place them in my food processor anyways, so this isn’t that big of a deal to me, but it might be for some other people.


For the food processor connoisseur (such as myself), you might be disappointed by the fact that this version only comes with one blade, which slices, and becomes a shredder when reversed. I could personally go for some other options, but the upside to this piece, is that the one blade it comes with is totally fantastic. Stainless steel, very sharp, and doesn’t create a lot of the problems some blades tend to have. Obviously all blades will tend to get blunter over time, but thus far, the chopping blade for this food processor is extremely effective and slices vegetables very, very fast. Again, many people would prefer a mixing blade, and Hamilton Beach does offer some accessories on their site where you can purchase extra blades. The inexpensive nature of this unit, makes buying an extra blade not so bad, but just something to keep in mind if you’re considering adding this unit to your cooking arsenal.


The Hamilton Beach 70610 500-Watt features a one year warranty. Not the best in the industry, but not the worst either. I haven’t had to use my warranty, but when looking online, I’ve noticed a few people who have. Nothing on the unit is under warranty past a year, so if anything breaks after a year, the replacement is on you. Once again, you get a lot of value for how much you’ll pay for one of these, but a long extended warranty just won’t be included in that price.


500 Watts is a lot of power. Sufficient for mostly any kitchen task you could throw at it. This unit also features suction cup feet to keep it attached to the counter so that there’s no tipping, and so that the motor vibration doesn’t cause any movement. Overall though, the motor is one of the higher power options in the industry, especially for the price range of this unit, and you won’t run into any task that is outside of your abilities with a full 500 watts.

What Else Are They Saying?

Taking into consideration the available consumer reviews online isn’t a bad idea when you’re doing an online hunt for a new food processor. Overall, I would say, and it seems like consumers agree, that for the price, the Hamilton Beach 70610 is a powerful, sleek, easy to use food processor choice for your home. There are some reports of people having the center plastic piece in the bowl break during usage, but the large majority of people seem to have the same experience I have, which is a helpful new tool for your kitchen.

I also can’t overstate how convenient being able to hide the power cord for this food processor in the back is. Really keeps the kitchen looking clean and put together, and I don’t feel the need to hide my food processor when I’m done using it. This is another one I’ve left out on the counter, just because. For a mid range food processor that really does it’s job, the Hamilton Beach 500 Watt processor will be a smart choice for you and your kitchen.

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